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How your Donation Helps

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is there for families when their premature or sick baby arrives unexpectantly.

Through experience we know what families need and so have created a suite of products, programs and services to support families. These include;

  • Easily accessible and relevant information such as our ‘Guiding hand for families in NICU’.
  • Programs offering practical and emotional support.
  • Peer support opportunities in our NICU Connections morning teas and online.
  • Products to celebrate the birth of your baby and inform you of what comes next.
  • Continued assistance to ease the transition from hospital to home.
  • A resolve to increase community awareness of the unique issues faced by our families.
  • Education opportunities to both families and healthcare providers who support families of premature/sick babies.

In realistic terms your donation helps in practical ways such as...


Provides a parent with a 'Little Bag of Calm' to encourage parents to take a moment for self-care.


Provides a 'Precious Prem Pack' for premature twins giving a family emotional and educational support in hospital.


Hosts two weeks of an online 'NICU Connections' parent support group .


Provides a family in crisis with practical support such as Food and Accommodation vouchers during their hospital stay.

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