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At Life’s Little Treasures, we recognise the importance of your privacy and understand your concerns about the security of the personal information you provide to us.  We comply with the National Privacy Principles (“NPP’s”) as contained in the Privacy Act 1988.  The NPPs detail how personal information is collected, used, stored and destroyed and how an individual may gain access to personal information held about them.

Personal information, as distinct from business information, is information or an opinion, that identifies an individual, or from which a person’s identity could be ascertained.

This policy details how Life’s Little Treasures Print manages personal information, sets out some of your privacy rights in relation to personal information and advises how you can contact us with privacy queries.  Our policy is not aimed at curtailing the flow of business or business information, but simply ensuring personal information is handled in accordance with the Privacy Laws.

Collecting Employee Personal Information

The main circumstances in which the organisation collects personal information about Workers/Voluneers are:

(a) when you provide it to us

For example, if you apply for or commence work/volunteer role, you will provide information to us as part of your application or induction. If you work for a organisation that is a contractor to us, then your employer may provide us with your details.

(b) when someone else provides it to us on your behalf

Someone else (such as a recruitment agent or referee) may have provided us with information about you when we were assessing your suitability for work at the comapny. A colleague may provide information about you for the purpose of appraising your performance or conducting an internal investigation.

(c) when we collect it in relation to your work

We may also collect information about you and your work/volunteering role during the course of your employment, volunteering or performance of a contract, such as information about your ingress and egress of the business property, your use of comapny equipment (including computers), and information collected from monitoring your use of email, to ensure you comply with our applicable policies

 The purposes for which we collect, use, and disclose personal information include:

  • to establish, maintain and manage our relationship with you, including functions such as recruitment, payroll, appraisals, and any disciplinary action (including any termination of any employment or engagement) and managing your work and any claim in relation to any injuries, illnesses you have and any workers compensation claims by you;
  • to assess or respond to claims, complaints, or conduct, or co-operate with investigations when required;
  • to obtain professional services as required including legal, human resources, industrial relations, accounting and insurance services;
  • for purposes directly related to all of the above;
  • otherwise as permitted or required by law; or
  • otherwise with your consent.

We may need to disclose your personal information to our:

  • technology service providers, including, internet service providers, cloud hosting service providers, software suppliers, maintenance and support service providers, and security services on a confidential basis so that they can provide services to us;
  • financial service providers which facilitate the organisation’s functions such as payroll;
  • external consultants such as legal, human resources, industrial relations, accounting, and insurance; and
  • travel agents and suppliers of accommodation and travel services.

The organisation has a statutory obligation to take contractual measures to ensure that its contracted service providers do not do an act or engage in a practice that would breach an Australian Privacy Principle if done or engaged in by the organisation

Collecting Customer and Personal Information

In the course of doing business, Life’s Little Treasures endeavours to collect business information only, however, the collection of personal information may be unavoidable in some instances.  We aim only to collect personal information that is necessary to perform the services you or your company have contracted us to provide and advise of the consequences if you/it chooses not to provide the information.

The type of personal information collected will depend on the goods or services you have asked us to provide or may be interested in and may include names, addresses, telephone & fax numbers and e-mail addresses. 

At the time personal information is collected or as soon as practicable thereafter, we will advise you of:

  • Our details and how to contact us;
  • The purpose for which the information is collected (unless the reason is obvious in the circumstances);
  • Details of how to access any information held about you;
  • The type of company to which we may disclose that information;
  • The legal and other consequences of you not providing the information (if any);
  • Unless any of the above is obvious in the circumstances, or detailed on a collection form.

While we endeavour to collect personal information from the individual involved, in some instances we may also receive personal information about you from third parties.  Where such information is received from third parties, we will contact you to advise we hold the information.

Using Customer/Supplier Personal Information?

Life’s Little Treasures may use and disclose your personal information:

  • If disclosure is necessary to complete the services we provide;
  • In order to supply you or your company with goods ordered;
  • for related purposes that you would reasonably expect, such as providing details about other goods or services offered by us.  (Please notify us if you wish to opt out of receiving this information).
  • In some cases personal information may be disclosed to third parties, but only if it is required to complete the transaction you have entered into
  • Where consent has been sought or as is otherwise allowed by law.

Transfer of Information outside of Australia

Personal information will not be sent outside of Australia unless:

  • It is necessary to complete your transaction; or
  • You have provided your consent; or
  • We believed, on reasonable grounds, that the organisation involved would only deal with your personal information in a similar manner to the requirements under the National Privacy Principles; or
  • Where otherwise allowed by the Privacy Act.

Storage and Security

Employee, customer and supplier personal information is stored either electronically, on paper, or both.  Life’s Little Treasures has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards for personal information and takes reasonable steps to ensure that your information is protected.  Data stored electronically is protected by both internal and external firewalls and access to electronic records is limited to staff with password access.  Files can also be designated read-only or no access.

Your personal information is stored within secure premises:

  • Externally 
    • the premises has several barriers to unauthorised entry including secured entry and monitored alarms.
  • Internally
    • steps are taken to ensure access to personal information is limited.

Information provided by e-mail may not be secure, therefore, if you have any concerns regarding the security of information sent by email, please provide information in an alternate form such as facsimile.  Email addresses may be recorded if you send an email.

Life’s Little Treasures uses secure methods to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information when it is no longer needed.  Life’s Little Treasures will retain personal information where it is required for any of its functions or for any other lawful purpose.

Access & Correction

You have the right to request access to your personal information that is held by the organisation about you and to request that a correction be made to the record if the information recorded about you is inaccurate.

The organisation will take reasonable steps to make appropriate corrections to personal information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

In most cases, you may be able to gain access to some of your personal information held about you by Life’s Little Treasures, which may be provided verbally or in writing, as may be appropriate.  Explanation as to the refusal to provide you with details of personal information will be provided.

Reasonable steps will be taken to amend or correct your personal information to keep it accurate and up to date. Please notify us of if you have any changes to your personal (and business) information.

Privacy Concerns or Complaints

If you have any queries or concerns about your personal information, or would like to make a complaint, please contact your direct supervisor or CEO