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Donations to Life’s Little Treasures Foundation provides much needed programs and services to vulnerable families with premature and/or sick babies. This includes items such as our Precious Prem Packs and guide books for families in hospital. To find out more about Life’s Little Treasures Foundation and the work they do www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au

My Updates

09 Oct 2021

Second Twins Hayden Purcell born at 27 weeks weighing 719 grams Hayden gave us a run for his money he was born early because he had lack of bloodflow And feed septic so the boys were born after Hayden was born we realise that he has a large PDA that would need to be operated on So another one with a heart condition that needs an operation meanwhile Hayden got very sick and developed Chylous ascites Which is very rare I didn’t know if you’d make day by day but he’s here and doing well now

09 Oct 2021

Twin one Blake Purcell Born at 27 weeks weighing 1031 kg Born with pulmonary stenosis, valvar and PDA and had to have heart surgery when he was big enough It ended up being around 34 weeks when he had his first heart surgery Ended up coming out okay but needed to go to back to NICU at the Royal Children’s hospitals in the butterfly ward which meant I now had two boys in the critical butterfly award but Blake ended up making a quick recovery 24 hours he started to feel better

09 Oct 2021

Hi everybody a reminder that our walk for prems 2021 is coming up
Please help The ginger ninjas reach our goal

09 Jul 2021

Blake and Hayden have come a long way in a year 😃

09 Jul 2021

We would love you to come and join or simply donate to the Ginger Ninjas Team who are raising funds for a walk for prems 2021

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