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Ari was born one the 7th Dec 2021 , at 26.5 weeks weighing just 960 grams she spent a very long 3 months in Nicu & Special care ,
Nothing prepares you for this , the emotional and physical exhaustion, the late night worrying lying in bed knowing your baby isn’t next you in their bassinet or cot , the phone calls receiving from the medical team letting you know that she has had a desat , these are just a couple of things
But having such a strong team of nurses ,doctors and resources behind us made us feel that little bit at ease , Ariella’s journey is still going after being discharged from hospital at the start of March she has come home still on oxygen constantly being supervised by the lung specialist we have also been admitted to hospital a further 4 times , from group B strep ,Sepsis and bronchiolitis , Ari has shown her strength through out all this and we are super proud of her 💕thanks to little treasure foundation we have been able to use their resources through out all this .
Ari also had a twin , but he unfortunately didn’t survive through the pregnancy . 💙 Donations to Life’s Little Treasures Foundation provides much needed programs and services to vulnerable families with premature and/or sick babies. This includes items such as our Precious Prem Packs and guide books for families in hospital. To find out more about Life’s Little Treasures Foundation and the work they do www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au